Mid-week Motivation: Enchiladas & Glossy Box

There are (so many) days I just want to crawl onto the couch, watch Netflix and order pizza when I get home. So many. Especially if I’m on a good episode of my new favorite show, Parks and Recreation. How did I not know about this show? But there’s no Netflix after work. I have a husband to feed and a baby to chase. In the interest of time, I’ve started relying on easy meals that, most importantly, make a couple days of lunch leftovers.

John and I made the switch to all organic, non-processed foods when I was pregnant–specifically after watching Fed Up on an airplane en route to a wedding in L.A.. We landed, Googled “healthy vegan restaurant” (we were feeling particularly inspired) and ended up at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in West LA. The food was unreal, and I was  pregnant, so I ate two entrees, an appetizer and had a green juice, and John had to pull over on the 405 so I could throw up. But that story and our switch to clean eating are for another time.

I love cookbooks  and food blogs. I usually end up combining different ideas and ingredients based on what we have and  how late I get home. This recipe is 1 part made up, 1 part inspired from a friend and 1 part followed from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. And it changes every time. The Thug Kitchen cookbook is a fantastic way to transition into cleaner eating. It’s all vegan (but I always add cheese, the sole reason I could never be vegan) and every recipe I’ve made is rich and delicious. What I love about enchiladas are, as long as you have tortillas (I guess you could make tortilla-less enchiladas? That sounds weird.) you can add anything you want.

I chop up 2 cloves of garlic,  1/2 onion, grate 1 yellow squash, chop 1 red bell pepper, 4 scallions and about a half cup of cilantro on our Nebraska cutting board.


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Sauté it together in grapeseed oil (always use a high heat oil!) and add a tablespoon of chili powder and a tablespoon of cumin. Season with salt. When the veggies are cooked, add 1 can black beans. I had some leftover kale, so I added that too.


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Make your own enchilada sauce! The store bought kind is full of chemicals and I have yet to find a good organic one. I use Thug Kitchen’s recipe, here.

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Add a little sauce to the pan to keep the enchiladas from sticking. Fill up some whole grain or spelt tortillas  you can also make your own, which taste incredible, but I don’t have the extra half hour), sprinkle with cheese (we use the Whole Food’s fiesta blend), roll up and lay down. I usually get about 6-7.

350 for 25 minutes.

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Completely unrelated, but the baby was really excited she got a cardboard box to play with in the mail.

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My first  Glossy Box  came today! John–who is seriously the best gifter I’ve ever met–ordered it as one of my upcoming birthday gifts. I think Glossy Box knows that I’ve been feeling old–my box was filled with face cream, hand cream and a hydrating face mask. The Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy smells amazing, I’ve been looking for a night cream to add to my routine besides my usual argon oil, and I’m curious to try this Estee Lauder one. Both the Marsk mineral eyeshade and the Beauty For Real lip pencil aren’t something I normally wear or have time for, but I would LIKE to TRY to dress up for my birthday weekend. We’ll see. And I could use a whole box of these face masks.

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    Super mom!! Send me all of your delicious recipes ASAP!

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