Mid-week Motivation: Burgers & Barre

John is working swing shift. My least favorite shift. During swings, the only time we overlap (when I’m not sleeping) is Saturday and Sunday morning. So every night is a balancing act while I try to watch the baby, make dinner, feed the baby and feed myself. To accommodate the times when I have no time, I’m always looking for simple, quick meals and at home workouts that I can do when the baby’s asleep. At 9:30 pm, because she’s a party animal.

John and I aren’t vegetarians, (or vegans, contrary to what everyone on his crew thinks) but I was raised in a meatless house and as a result, I can’t cook it. I’m paranoid about raw meat, so everything from chicken stir fry to turkey meatloaf turns to rubber. Unless John wants to grill, we usually save the meat for the pros and order it when we go out. Our arsenal of vegetarian meals that pass the John test is limited. Over the past couple years, I’ve made the Skinnytaste black bean burgers until I could barely look at them. John can no longer eat veggie lasagna. And, while I could live on mac ‘n cheese for every meal, I don’t think I could live with the results of mac ‘n cheese for every meal.

The black bean burgers were one of my favorite, so I was excited to find this white bean and lentil burger recipe in Thug Kitchen (excited about lentils says something about my life). They are so good, so easy and we always have leftovers. That’s what I had for lunch yesterday, today and probably tomorrow. Find the recipe HERE.





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Suzanne Bowen’s prenatal Barre workout was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I’ve tried a lot of dvd’s and streaming workouts and most of them are just weird. The weirdest (and one of my favorites because it’s actually a great workout) is a Core Power flow on Amazon streaming with a very bizarre teacher, Koomie, and her male student who can’t follow directions. But so far, nothing compares to Suzanne Bowen’s high energy and highly motivating workouts. On deck this week is her Barre Amped Bootcamp. I bought this to get my muscles working again after I had the baby, and I’ve now been loyal for almost 9 months. She sections it off into seat, core, thighs and arms, each about 15 minutes. I usually have time for 3 and I try to mix it up once or twice a week. Barre workouts are specifically for toning, but I’ve seen a huge overall difference in my strength (partly because I’m always carrying around a big baby).

Working out with her momma!

Working out with her momma!

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Nebraska, and the roads that I usually run were covered in ice. There is a wellness center, but I felt bad leaving the baby with the in-laws to go hang out with John’s grandma at the gym (true story, his grandma is a champion and drives to town from her farm in the early mornings to bike), so I signed up to become a member of Susanne Bowen Fitness  (the first 48 hours is free!) and got access to her streaming videos. They were amazing, and a 30 minute workout was actually 30 minutes of working out, not 15 minutes of suggesting you consult a doctor first. Her style is very personable, it feels like you’re actually in a class instead of in your in-laws basement in southeast Nebraska, and she has a ton of different workouts for every mood, condition (pregnancy) and fitness level.

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