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Sometimes, I think I spend more time reading the comments on other people’s blogs than writing my own. I stumbled upon a post today (via a comment on a blog): ‘What I Wore Wednesday.’ I loved it. Plus the blog is adorable.

I especially liked this post because it was on a running blog. Not a fashion blog, where 99% of the clothes are either too weird to wear, not at all work appropriate or way out of my price range. So I decided to start my own. But instead of WIWW, I’m just featuring a look when I think I actually found a good one. Looks that work for being a mom, an office worker, a lunchtime-gym goer and, because of those things, a person on a budget.

It was hot (HOT) in Charleston today, but I’ve been on a dress kick for about a week straight and this morning I was in a more casual, pants and button-down mood. I have a traditional 8-5 (whoever works 9-5 must not get a lunch…), but our office is business ‘very’ casual, and is often empty, so I usually don’t put a lot of effort into impressing the three girls I work with. (Sorry, ladies).

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Shirt: Equipment ‘Starry Night’ Button Down
full price/deal (in white)

Pants: Gap Bi-stretch Skinny Ankle Pants
similar, on sale!

Shoes: JCrew Marlow Mules
full price/deal

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Black pants are my staple, and a button down is the easiest way to look dressed-up but still be able to chase a toddler. I alternate between my three pairs of black pants and five chambray shirts on a regular basis, so the Starry Night shirt is actually a refreshing change (for those three coworkers that have to look at me).

The best part about this outfit is the actual cost versus how much we found it for. I had been lusting after the shirt for weeks but was NOT (could not) about to pay full price for it. John, in true deal mode, found it brand new with tags on eBay for $100 (versus $248)! The pants were on the extra sale rack at Gap for $20 (saving about $50). The mules, first seen on Cupcakes and Cashmere, while not very glamorous, were still just way above what I would pay for shoes like them. No matter how comfy-cool they looked. I watched them for weeks until JCrew had a huge sale in the fall, and ended up buying them for $70. Great deal and they make me feel a little bit ‘dorky mom.’

PS- The baby’s outfit is only $14.99 at Target! And if you’re a Gap sale shopper, like me, check out this way to ALWAYS save on your purchases.

What are some of your favorite pieces that make you look like you have a huge clothing budget, but you actually got an amazing deal on?

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  1. Rachael @ Catch me if you can May 12, 2016 at 1:53 am #

    Thanks for the link! Love your top 🙂 nice job on scoring that amazing deal I look getting fanatic deals!

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