January Glossy Box and 3 Sub Boxes I Want to Try

All last week I would immediately check the mail when I got home from work. I could sense it was arriving, but I didn’t know the date or what would be inside. Or even if I would like what was inside. Subscription boxes must serve the sole purpose of bringing excitement back into the lives of people whose highlight of their week is a prepaid surprise package.

My husband got me a GlossyBox subscription for my 30th birthday, and I’m confident he only got it to serve as a monthly reminder of how old I am. I was a little confused by his choice, of all the subscription boxes I thought he would pick a mom-themed or a fitness box. Practical, sure, but there’s nothing indulgent about a box filled with everyday mom stuff. GB is my monthly glimpse into a more glamorous life that, by looking at my three day unwashed hair and milk stained clothing, I’m not reaching anytime soon. It also forces me to try beauty products that I would never buy in the store.

This is my only issue with subscription boxes. In the past I’ve had serious buyers remorse. Stitch Fix–when I went through a completely out of control Stitch Fix phase right before and after the baby was born–would hook me, and I would buy all five pieces when really I only liked three. I even ended up with a bird scarf (and I have a legitimate bird phobia), because it was “cheaper” to buy all five. Then when I would find something online or in a store that I wanted, I was always out of spending money. I quit Stitch Fix and vowed not to waste my money on things I would never actually want to buy again.

Then came my GlossyBox birthday surprise. GB is on a much smaller scale than a subscription like Stitch Fix, which can cost upwards of $200 a box if you purchase all of the clothes. GB is $21 a month, the normal cost of a good lip gloss or half a tube of mascara. And in each of the 3 boxes I’ve found something that made it worth the money. The obvious theme of January’s box was renewal: restorative hair rinse, cream to cure winter worn feet, illuminating primer and peachy lip gloss perfect for spring.

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January Glossy Box (in order of how excited I was to receive each item)

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse : This restorative hair treatment smells edible. Even though I cut the majority of my hair off last year, the remaining lob is desperately dry and damaged from working out and ombre highlights (that I really need to get touched up). I’ve been looking for a hair treatment, and if this one works as good as it smells, I might buy it again.

Mememe Lip Glide in Playful Peach : I was little frightened by the color of this gloss when I opened it, I just recently started wearing lipstick and have yet to wear anything but bland colors and neutrals. Inititally, I thought it was way too bright. But after getting over the shock of any lip color not my own, I actually think it was just bright enough to be different without being overwhelming and gaudy. I’m looking forward to upping my lipgloss game with something besides “sandstone” colored lip crayons.

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-417 Ocean Foot Nourishing Cream: This cream is paraben free and has only four, natural, ingredients. It’s something that I would probably buy on my own, if I had time to think about foot cream.

Royan Apothic Cream Crème in Venetian Grove:  My only critique of GB so far is that my collection of lotions is getting a little out of control. I like this one, it smells like a lush flower garden, but I really didn’t need another lotion. I’ll probably save it until I make a little progress on the rest.

Emite Make UP Diamond Heart Base Primer: I honestly didn’t know what a primer was until a couple of years ago. I use Tarte primer/spf coverage daily, but I haven’t experimented with anything else. Although I’m not that excited about it, it’s probably something I should start using since I’ve been blessed with “problem skin” since elementary school.

I’m going to keep getting GB as long as I can keep my husband paying for it (or I run out of space in my bathroom). Getting exposure to things that take me out of my comfort zone, even if it’s as trivial as make-up, has made me curious about what I’m missing out on with other subscription boxes. There are literally hundreds that are out there. Check out My Subscription Addition for, what I have to imagine, is a full list of subscription boxes around the world and coupons for getting started.

These are my top three that I want to try this year:

  1. Fab Fit Fun VIP Box $49.99 Quarterly: I bought a Jules Smith scarf through them once and it came with a nail polish and a make up bag that I still use everyday. This is a mix of fashion, beauty and fitness, and the previous items are all things that I would buy on my own, like workout videos, nail polish and natural beauty products.
  2. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box $19.95 Monthly: I’m super crunchy and I really want this box. All the products are vegan and most are organic and include some of my already favorite brands like Pacifica and Lush.
  3. Bluum $24.99 Monthly:  Obviously if I’m getting a subscription box my baby needs one too. This one features baby products like creams and age appropriate toys and also some stuff for mom. Their products are mostly organic and natural.





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