This week has been pretty rough since about mid-day Sunday, when, what I thought was food poisoning from a Whole Foods cookie (I’m still a little suspicious of their double-chocolate-chocolate-chip) turned into the full blown flu. I actually stayed home sick Monday since I didn’t get a chance to rest over the weekend with John being on his night shift. About an hour into relaxing on the couch with 4 shows lined up on Demand, the daycare called to say that the baby also had the flu. Cue mom mode and still recovering four days later.

I was excited to at least get my March GLOSSYBOX a little early to hopefully distract from my puffy eyes and sallow skin. And even more excited that this is seriously the best box yet, especially with the intensely sweet, fruity smell that burst out of the fancy packaging. It reminded me of summer popsicles by the pool. Or my high school locker room during the height of the teenage Bath and Body Works obsession.

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Here are the products in order of my excitement to receive them.


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I Love Cosmetics Raspberry Blackberry Super Soft Hand Lotion:

I know I’ve complained about the influx of lotion into my life since becoming a sub-boxer, but I would give them all back for just a sample size of this mouth watering but sadly inedible tube. I don’t usually like strong fruity smells, mostly because they smell so fake, but this silky lotion could actually be made with fresh squeezed berry juice and I wouldn’t question it. Plus, on the back it says ‘I’m not a food. Please do not try to eat me’ and that made me laugh. And crave sorbet.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush:

This brush is more for contouring, which I don’t know how to do (or really, what it is?) but I’ve been needing a real makeup brush for when I wear eye shadow or use powder, and I think this size can accomplish both. Plus it’s super soft and my girly side likes the pretty pink handle. Bonus, it’s cruelty and paraben free and made in the USA.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua:

I just bought some Too Faced Mascara and is probably the best mascara I’ve owned, so I’m excited to try their other products. The color is neutral enough that I’m more likely to wear it than the previous hot pink and red lipsticks from January and February, and it’s more of a gloss than a lipstick, which makes me feel less like I’m wearing too much makeup. (And also kind of like I’m back in High School. This box clearly had a theme).

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Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream (2 count):

I’m pretty sure the 2 count was a mistake, but I’ll take double of this light, flowery face cream with incredible reviews. Looking at the packaging, I was a little afraid I was going to be smearing purple stuff all over my face, but the cream is actually white inside the container. (Duh. I’m still feeling a little flu-ish over here). The unique ingredient comes from antioxidant rich grape skins and helps with inflammation. Which I need because the baby threw a book at my eye and it’s been swollen for two days.

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner:

I already have an eyeliner I love (Tarte), and black eyeliner looks a little dramatic with my skin tone. This eyeliner specifically helps create a better cat eye, but, since I’m not super hip,  Taylor Swift or 17, I’ll probably just take thier word for it.


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