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Thursday Thoughts-Evacuation

Unfortunately, I’m entering another Thursday with a two-post week. I actually spent a lot of time on two OTHER posts, our Port Angeles Trip and a review of the incredible new McCrady’s restaurant in downtown Charleston. But that was earlier this week, and now I’m writing from a hotel room in Atlanta, wondering if McCrady’s will even be there when we get back to Charleston. Or if we were one of the last people to experience the exquisite and exclusive tasting menu before downtown is unrecognizable. Things escalated quickly. By our morning meeting at 9am on Tuesday, the entire climate had shifted […]

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One of my favorite trip pictures, spending #allthemoney at the Oiselle store!

Thursday Thoughts

There’s a new speeding monitor in our neighborhood and I noticed today, as I creeped by at 5 mph, that it tells you your speed and then says ‘Have a Nice Day.’ I went with it, since it’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day. But I wonder though, what does it say if you’re speeding? Today was a big day–Baby Sweet 2015’s 18-month birthday and my gestational diabetes test. We didn’t end up celebrating the first, I had to pick the poor thing up from daycare around lunchtime because she had a fever. I’m not surprised, after traveling to […]

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Nebraska by Morning

I had Friday all figured out. Then Hermine came. It started earlier in the week, John and I decided to go out of town for Labor Day weekend, now that he has weekends off while he’s on a day staff job. Originally, we thought Boston, then we thought it would be much more enjoyable if we had grandparents to help for a couple days. And the Nebraska opening home game happened to be an hour away from John’s hometown that Saturday. So off to Nebraska we planned. Then, Hermine. In Charleston, Hermine causes some (minor) flight delays, school cancellations, some power outages and a […]

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