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Good bye, Charleston. Hanahan, SC.

Captured: 2016

I can’t agree with what seems like the majority of people that 2016 was a bad year. Not for us. I do agree that the world is a hard place. A scary place. An unpredictable place. But the world has been scary, unpredictable and hard long before we were here. Sometimes you have to turn the focus inward, away from social media and sensationalism, to start enjoying life again. When I was looking through the 10,372  pictures on my phone (a real number) I couldn’t believe that all of the pictures below happened in 2016. This was probably our busiest travel year, […]

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Thursday Thoughts

We’re headed to Virginia Beach this weekend… The orders haven’t actually come in yet, but John spoke to his detailer and it looks like he’s set to report early January. As in, we have about a month to put an offer on the house, find renters for our current house, have a baby and do the holidays. This is pretty inconvenient. Obviously. But there are two good things I can’t overlook. First, we’ll be starting off the year in a new house, with a new preschool, in a new state. It’s a clean transition come January, which mentally makes things […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 33

I seemed to hit the peak of pregnancy this month, where all the symptoms come together to try to destroy you. Exhaustion, achy, swollen feet and ankles, a sore back, sore joints, lack of motivation, intense sugar cravings, insomnia, heartburn…not exactly the recipe for feeling strong, fast and fit. Why I would feel strong, fast or fit during the last few weeks of pregnancy, I’m not sure. I guess I had big goals, or was just on a high from feeling so good. Now I’m cranky, waddling, about to break the treadmill and all of my running shirts have turned into crop tops. And I’ve […]

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