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LBD and workout hair. NBD.

Chicago 30

Chicago has been my favorite city since a five week high school journalism program at Northwestern University (where I took my first, terrifying 80$ cab ride from the airport to Evanston by myself). While journalism didn’t stick, the magical feeling of freedom and excitement from the city did, and I’ve been back almost every year. Chicago is different from San Francisco or New York or Atlanta, it has this deep seeded Midwest attitude that makes it seem a lot smaller, more attainable. And the lakefront has a running path that’s literally swarming with potential running friends. John has been planning this […]

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Found a winding trail on our run that led to waterfront mansions and wooden docks over the marsh.

Thursday Thoughts

Unfortunately, this weekend is my birthday, and a big one. I told John I didn’t want to do anything because, truly, I’m not a birthday person, and I’m the least excited about this birthday than I have been for the last 29. He read between the lines and understood that doing nothing actually meant going to Chicago!! I can’t wait to visit the baby’s godmamma’s new bakery, By The Park, have a birthday drink at POPS (I hope that’s on the itinerary, John!), maybe a class at Flywheel and take the baby to see the giant Christmas tree at Macy’s. […]

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Gloomy beach day and southern lighting.

Kiawah Island

There’s nothing appealing about a warm, sunny beach day. I’ve long thought the ocean is a terrifying place and my fear of the ocean fits better in a gloomy, rainy, windy, cold, gray day. After making a list of places we need to see before we leave (!) Charleston, John and I decided to visit Kiawah Island, South Carolina, on a perfect winter beach weather Sunday. It rained so hard that the roads on John’s Island were flooded and the sun hadn’t shone since the previous morning. Kiawah Island has been somewhat of a myth to us. When people have described […]

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