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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles – Week 35

Big reality check today. My coworker, who is only three weeks ahead of me in pregnancy, gave birth over the weekend. First, a huge congratulations to her! She rocked her pregnancy, worked out almost the whole time, looked amazing AND went to a birthing center. Birthing centers are where they dont’ give you drugs. She’s a champion. And her new daughter is absolutely precious and has a ton of hair. (Not that that matters, but it’s super cute). But, with her giving birth, I’m now reminded that I’m RIGHT BEHIND HER. There’s this week, a short week for me since […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 34

Just for fun, I calculated the miles I’ve logged from week 20-34: 239.19. I know that’s not a ton over the course of 14 weeks, but I’m super proud of each one of those slow, sometimes painful, mostly waddling miles. Especially the more recent ones, since my belly has taken over Charleston and my feet are almost too big for my running shoes. I am bummed though that I don’t know how many total miles I’ve run this pregnancy. I’m not sure why I didn’t log the first 20 weeks, especially because they were so important for my sanity as […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 32

Last week was a nice little slowdown, that ended appropriately with two straight days on the couch after the catching the flu. Despite now being 12 episodes into Season Two of Arrested Development (#netflixandflu) I’m still looking forward to getting my running groove back later this the week after a fantastic pre-flu 6 miler on Saturday. (Where I had to wear a jacket for the first two miles!). Even though my mileage is low, I’m getting very pregnant, and I could tell my legs were ready for a break this week. It’s a natural part of any training cycle. Even though I’m not training […]

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