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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Weeks 38 & 39

And, that’s it. Pregnancy workouts complete. Tomorrow is the big day, and, while I’m not feeling prepared in any other sense, I do feel physically prepared for a fast recovery. I hope. Running can be a challenge sometimes, especially when I’m trying to balance everything, set new PR goals, train for races and just enjoy a sport that has been part of my life long before I was a wife, mom or even an adult. It’s been hard, but I have found a balance. I’ll admit, sometimes I get envious of my Instagram¬†friends who have the time to just focus […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles – Week 37

Ten pounds later, Thanksgiving is thankfully OVER. I’m pretty sure I ate most of an apple pie myself. With more whip than pie. I used to hate pie. If it was between no dessert or pie, I would choose no dessert. Since getting pregnant with Baby Sweet 2015, pie, fruit pie specifically, apple pie especially, has become a secret obsession. None of this has to do with running (except that I need to run more to work off all that pie). But there’s a tiny piece left in the fridge. And now that’s all I can think about. So, the […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Week 36

Saturday’s run was rough. John was working, and I still wanted to get outside, so I decided to take the baby in the stroller after breakfast in loops around the neighborhood. I completely underestimated how hard it would be to run with the stroller at 36 weeks, and after 6 miles of run-stop-pick up socks-pick up toys-run-find snack-catch snack as it was being thrown from the stroller-run-pick up shoes, I started feeling a sharp sciatic pain on my left side and my feet felt like bricks on ankles that wouldn’t bend. Nothing about this run was enjoyable, except the conversation […]

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