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Sunday in Savannah

John and I went through a phase where we drove everywhere. Everywhere. Across the country, to weddings, to Nebraska for holidays. So a two hour road trip is like running to the store for milk. I was surprised when we moved here how close Savannah is. So close that a lot of people confuse where we live (Savannah and Charlotte are the usual picks). It’s just on the border of South Carolina and Georgia, so we chose another grey Sunday to explore. The eeriness of the south isn’t lost on the drive there. With no straight shot we had to take a four […]

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Check out that awesome zipper pouch!

Thursday Thoughts

Its been a slow week back to work. Vacation definitely wasn’t relaxing, and I feel like I need 2-3 weeks of sleep or Netflix to recover. Vacation also has me missing my San Diego people. It’s so nice to have grandparents to help, friends to run with, hills to run on and my favorite places to eat. Mostly the latter. I’ve been compensating by making comfort food all week and forcing my coworker to run with me at lunch. But, it’s a fresh year and I’m excited for the things to come. We’re kicking off February by going to the Super […]

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5 Things All New Runners Should Buy

Although most runners will tell you their closest is overstuffed with colorful tech tees, piles of medals and three of the “but I can always use another” black running jacket (guilty), running is one of the best sports because you DON’T need that much gear. But there’s a difference between “not that much” and “not that great.” I’ve been consistently running since high school, where I was lucky to have a coach that was friends with a Mizuno rep who really drove the importance of a great shoe. While having the perfect shoe for your feet and the terrain is critical, there are other […]

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