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Chef Sean Brock, a local celebrity, entertaining our table with a story of taking Anthony Bourdain to Waffle House.

McCrady’s Charleston

On Saturday, John and I got tickets to the third opening night of Chef Sean Brock’s restaurant, McCrady’s. And, we found a babysitter. McCrady’s has existed in Charleston in several forms, currently McCrady’s Tavern and, through the wall on the opposite street, the new, more formal, very exclusive vision from the renowned local chef. We’ve lived in the South for three years, and the only restaurant of Brock’s I’ve been to is Minero, the only suitable place to get tacos in Charleston. I love Minero for both the food and the atmosphere, a classier, downtown venue in a beautiful, narrow building […]

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Dress (Roolee)

My 3 Favorite Maternity-not-Maternity Looks

The moment I found out I was pregnant with Baby Sweet 2015 I went and bought maternity clothes from Motherhood Maternity at the seedy indoor mall in Charleston. At four weeks pregnant, I obviously had zero need for them, but I already felt huge (ha!) and wearing anything with a maternity label made me feel legitimately pregnant. I was also convinced made me look legitimately pregnant. It really wasn’t until the in-between time–the almost exact year between when we had Baby Sweet 2015 and found out we were having Baby Sweet 2016–that I was going through my box of haphazardly […]

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An Organic Subscription Meal Box

Even though every weekend begins with a long, reluctant, resistance to make the meal plan for the week, I’ve always been a little hesitant to give up control in the kitchen. A subscription meal plan seemed a little like….cheating to me. If I were to subscribe to a meal plan, I may as well just heat up a frozen Stouffer’s lasagna. Of course they’re nothing like that. It’s not the Swanson truck dropping off frozen chicken and corn dogs every Tuesday. Subscription meal plans are actually a lot of work–but the fun work. The chopping, stirring, grilling, sautéing and eating without […]

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