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It’s a BOY…?

Back when I used to think about having kids, I always pictured myself with a tiny crew of boys. It seemed so natural, I never even considered I could have a girl. When we got our first ultrasound of Baby Sweet 2015 at ten weeks, I texted a picture to my friend, saying isn’t he cute?! She responded with, wait, how do you know it’s a boy? When the gender reveal came at 20 weeks, John and I were sure it was a boy. When the lady said no, in fact, you’re having a girl, I asked, are you sure? […]

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Staying less-hot on my morning long run last Saturday, 17 weeks 6 days, 9.5 miles.

Pregnancy Deja Vu: First Trimester Catch Up

This pregnancy has been, down to the day, eerily similar to the last. From the cravings to the morning sickness to the weight gain, I’ve been reliving 2014. Which, of course, has me completely convinced it’s another girl. I found out I was pregnant at work on a Monday morning about three days late.  I’d gone for my long run that Saturday and felt completely off. My breathing was all out of whack–literally gasping for breath–I was super tired and felt sick the whole time. So I took a pregnancy test. Because those were my exact same symptoms with our […]

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Baby Sweet 2015’s Birth Story

My baby is one this week. One year. It’s surreal. All at once I can remember exactly how life was before she came, but it’s impossible to think she hasn’t been here my whole life. Maybe it’s because a baby is part of you. Life doesn’t seem real without them. I woke up on March 21st, 2015 around 6:30 am, a day overdue, with no indication she was planning to come over the weekend. There had been no Braxton Hicks during my pregnancy, no contractions, no sign except my immensely swollen feet that I was now past nine months. And despite my constant protests, the doctor insisted he […]

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