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Things to be Thankful

Over the past year I’ve made a conscious effort to refocus life on the good, the things I’m passionate about, special moments with my family and friends and, always, the bigger picture. One of the best things I ever did was make that same conscious effort–back in 2012 specifically–to fill my world with happy, positive people that helped me grow, instead of the stifling negative relationships of my past. How simple does this seem? Yet, so many people get stuck in toxic situations that seem impossible to get out of. Out of this new mindset came a group of friends I truly connected […]

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Pregnancy at 35 Weeks

  The thing I remember most vividly from being 35 weeks with Baby Sweet 2015, was that I was ready for her to come. Really ready. To the point where, despite what everyone told me, I was hoping she’d be early. At 35 weeks I didn’t think I could physically carry a baby any bigger than the one in my stomach, I literally had no shoes but a new pair of big gray Ugg’s that fit over my swollen feet, and all of the fun perks of pregnancy, the maternity clothes, cravings, excuses to Netflix and do nothing, were gone. My maternity clothes […]

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Dress (Roolee)

My 3 Favorite Maternity-not-Maternity Looks

The moment I found out I was pregnant with Baby Sweet 2015 I went and bought maternity clothes from Motherhood Maternity at the seedy indoor mall in Charleston. At four weeks pregnant, I obviously had zero need for them, but I already felt huge (ha!) and wearing anything with a maternity label made me feel legitimately pregnant. I was also convinced made me look legitimately pregnant. It really wasn’t until the in-between time–the almost exact year between when we had Baby Sweet 2015 and found out we were having Baby Sweet 2016–that I was going through my box of haphazardly […]

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