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Green Chef seed-crusted chicken, pea and tomato quinoa and leafy greens.

Weeknight Meal Plan #4

I’m really glad Green Chef is over. Honestly, I couldn’t even eat this last meal. Elk just doesn’t sound good to me. Has anyone tried elk? No one I’ve interrogated in the past week had. The meat just didn’t look…right, I can’t even really explain why. I love turkey meatloaf, and even regular meatloaf, but elk loaf? I don’t know. This isn’t me hating on Green Chef. About half of the meals we got were really delicious and I would definitely order them again. My biggest issue with a subscription box was that I wasn’t always in the right mood […]

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Thursday Thoughts

For the past two weeks, all I can think about is Indian food. We had the best Indian buffet a block from my old job at San Diego Gas and Electric. My coworkers and I would walk over there at lunch and eat about three meals worth of curried vegetables, curried chicken, curried potatoes, curried cheese thing (I still don’t know what it was, but man, was that GOOD), three baskets of naan and rice pudding. I’ve been missing San Diego a lot lately, and I think I figured out that the real thing I’ve been missing (besides my friends, […]

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An Organic Subscription Meal Box

Even though every weekend begins with a long, reluctant, resistance to make the meal plan for the week, I’ve always been a little hesitant to give up control in the kitchen. A subscription meal plan seemed a little like….cheating to me. If I were to subscribe to a meal plan, I may as well just heat up a frozen Stouffer’s lasagna. Of course they’re nothing like that. It’s not the Swanson truck dropping off frozen chicken and corn dogs every Tuesday. Subscription meal plans are actually a lot of work–but the fun work. The chopping, stirring, grilling, sautéing and eating without […]

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