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Chef Sean Brock, a local celebrity, entertaining our table with a story of taking Anthony Bourdain to Waffle House.

McCrady’s Charleston

On Saturday, John and I got tickets to the third opening night of Chef Sean Brock’s restaurant, McCrady’s. And, we found a babysitter. McCrady’s has existed in Charleston in several forms, currently McCrady’s Tavern and, through the wall on the opposite street, the new, more formal, very exclusive vision from the renowned local chef. We’ve lived in the South for three years, and the only restaurant of Brock’s I’ve been to is Minero, the only suitable place to get tacos in Charleston. I love Minero for both the food and the atmosphere, a classier, downtown venue in a beautiful, narrow building […]

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VA Beach

It’s not for sure, yet, but my husband wants to get orders to Virgina Beach if he decides to reenlist. He always gets what he wants, so I’ll go ahead and confirm that we’ll be moving to Virginia Beach at some point in the near future. I’ve heard nothing good about the area. Every time we asked someone who’d been there or was stationed there, they’d hated it. Every time they said that, I kept a mental list of check marks against it in a last ditch hope of getting John to choose San Diego. Despite my protests, we flew in early […]

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Mid-week Motivation: Taco Pizzas and Lunchtime Treadmill

Unfortunately, I have to give a lot of credit to an ex-boyfriend for my love of cooking. (This was the only thing we ever did together that I didn’t end up hating). Ex-boyfriend was very…frugal. While 20-something me wanted my afternoons free for working out, shopping and watching Bones, he wanted to save money and make homemade pizzas, French casseroles and even his own beer, from scratch. I saw nothing wrong with Trader Joes ready-made meals. I knew nothing about cooking in my 20’s, but over those couple years picked up skills like chopping and dicing, learned about spices, kitchen tools and cultivated a taste for […]

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