Captured: 2016

I can’t agree with what seems like the majority of people that 2016 was a bad year. Not for us. I do agree that the world is a hard place. A scary place. An unpredictable place. But the world has been scary, unpredictable and hard long before we were here. Sometimes you have to turn the focus inward, away from social media and sensationalism, to start enjoying life again.

When I was looking through the 10,372  pictures on my phone (a real number) I couldn’t believe that all of the pictures below happened in 2016. This was probably our busiest travel year, (not counting our pre-kid road trip to Charleston where we drove cross country twice) starting off with an epic-five flight adventure to the Bay Area for Super Bowl 50, then Bend, Miami, Nebraska, Savannah, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Washington state, Nebraska again, Atlanta and, finally, a Navy move to Virginia Beach. We sampled the tasting menus at some incredible restaurants (the French Laundry, McCrady’s), went to an NFL game, a baseball game, a minor league baseball game and, naturally, a Cornhusker game. We survived Hurricane Matthew–although a roof tile and our fence didn’t–I got slightly back into racing before I ran two pregnancy races and John reenlisted in the Navy.

And we welcomed the newest Sweet on December 5th.

We have no plans to top 2016 anytime soon. I prefer to stay put for a while, not get pregnant again, focus on some of my own goals and settle into our new home. If we can ever close on a house here (low appraisals aside). I’d like to find a running group, have play dates for the kids and maybe even go on more than three dates with my husband. Our yearly average is enviable, I know. We’ll see how his schedule pans out.

I had thousands of pictures to choose from for my 2016 favorites. But the captured moments below were the ones that mean the most–how 2016 will be remembered when John and I are sipping sweet tea (jk, we never did understand that one) on our porch in Point Loma when he’s 90-8 and I’m 80.

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed and full new year!

Morning run. Daniel Island, SC.

Coworker runch. Mount Pleasant, SC.

Greeting Eli. San Francisco, CA.

Game day. San Francisco, CA.

Super Bowl 50. San Jose, CA.

Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, CA.

Post-speed work with one of my favorite running friends. Monterey, CA.

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Monterey, CA.

French Laundry. Napa Valley, CA.

Four generations. Bend, Oregon.

First Birthday. Red Drum, Mount Pleasant, SC.

New South Trail Half Marathon. 5th place, 2nd AG. Charlotte, NC.

Washington Mall. Washington D.C.

College friends and baby bumps. Bethesda, MD.

Date night. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Charleston, SC.

Proud daughter. North Charleston, SC.

First day in the big kids class. Hanahan, SC.

Isle of Palms 10k. Isle of Palms, SC.

Teacher work week fun. Mount Pleasant, SC.

Twinning coworker baby bumps. Mount Pleasant, SC.

Diva. Hanahan, SC.

Porch swinging. Auburn, NE.

Cornfields. Auburn, NE.

Great Grandma’s farm. Auburn, NE.

Reenlisted. Red Drum, Mount Pleasant, SC.

Grandpa’s 60th and a 7 mile run. Port Angeles, WA.

Head up, wings out. Seattle, WA.

Pregnancy running. Daniel Island, SC.

Nightly neighborhood patrol. Hanahan, SC.

Diva returns. Hanahan, SC.

Avenue of the oaks. Mount Pleasant, SC.

Paw patrol. Hanahan, SC.

Halloween. Hanahan, SC.

Peek-a-boo! Charleston, SC.

Turkey Trot. Charleston, SC.

Last runch. The Old Village. Mount Pleasant, SC.

Navy Base park. Goose Creek, SC.

Big sister. Hanahan, SC.

‘Hank.’ North Charleston, SC.

Hank and friends. Hanahan, SC.

Dinos. Hanahan, SC.

Meeting Santa. North Charleston, SC.

Christmas morning. Hanahan, SC.

Good bye, Charleston. Hanahan, SC.

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  1. Lisa @ Lisa 3D January 18, 2017 at 4:19 pm #

    Wow, you’re right – it looks like you had an amazing 2016! 2016 was also pretty good for me, since it was the year I got married.

    • Mollie January 26, 2017 at 4:11 pm #

      Congratulations Lisa!

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