Welcome to my blog! I’m a full-time working mom and military wife currently–and reluctantly–living in Charleston, South Carolina. This is my small spot in the big internet where I document all of the things that the Sweet’s are passionate about–from my running obsession, to my husband’s FOBO (fear of better offers) raising tiny Sweets and lugging multiple suitcases on planes to travel across the country, and, occasionally, across the ocean. I’m a 6th generation Californian, my husband grew up in a rural, one-stoplight, farming town in Southeast Nebraska, and somehow we found enough common ground at an oceanfront bar one 4th of July for me to give him my number (allegedly, I still think my friend gave it to him).

From that small bar in San Diego (PB Shoreclub) to the military moving us to the deep, humid, South, the adventures have never stopped. Over the past four years we’ve driven across the country–twice–flown to Europe with a baby, made it to 12/30 baseball stadiums, run an ultramarathon (50 miles!), jumped out of a plane, been to George Strait’s last concert in Dallas, gone totally organic, had the best meal we’ll ever eat (the French Laundry) and sat in the highest seats at Superbowl 50. All this is made possible by lots of hard work, some serious deals and airline miles, lack of sleep and possible, complete, craziness.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings, travel tips, stories, running logs and occasional recipes–when I make a dinner actually worth eating.