Good bye, Charleston. Hanahan, SC.

Captured: 2016

I can’t agree with what seems like the majority of people that 2016 was a bad year. Not for us. I do agree that the world is a hard place. A scary place. An unpredictable place. But the world has been scary, unpredictable and hard long before we were here. Sometimes you have to turn the focus inward, away from social media and sensationalism, to start enjoying life again. When I was looking through the 10,372  pictures on my phone (a real number) I couldn’t believe that all of the pictures below happened in 2016. This was probably our busiest travel year, […]

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Meeting Santa. North Charleston, SC.

Thursday Thoughts

I’m back! I took a little break from blogging these past few weeks and honestly, I’ve missed it. But honestly, I truly just could not find time, or energy, for anything extra. (Not included in ‘extra:’ having a new baby, packing, moving and ‘light’ workouts, naturally). These have probably been three of the craziest weeks since I met John. Week one, we had the baby (expect a post about that little guy soon, he’s pretty dang cute). Week two we had family in town. Week three we packed up and moved out. Technically, the Navy packed us up, but we […]

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Pregnancy Workouts and Miles-Weeks 38 & 39

And, that’s it. Pregnancy workouts complete. Tomorrow is the big day, and, while I’m not feeling prepared in any other sense, I do feel physically prepared for a fast recovery. I hope. Running can be a challenge sometimes, especially when I’m trying to balance everything, set new PR goals, train for races and just enjoy a sport that has been part of my life long before I was a wife, mom or even an adult. It’s been hard, but I have found a balance. I’ll admit, sometimes I get envious of my Instagram friends who have the time to just focus […]

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